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grant and i had people over to my apartment for cinco de mayo. i made a super pinteresty banner and some super pinteresty jello shots. much better than last cinco de mayo which was so uneventful i don’t even remember it. it was probably on par with the cinco de mayo before that when all of my grad school friends and i almost got thrown out of a nice-ish mexican restaurant in andersonville. whoops!20130515-202813.jpggrilling. funny story about this. the night before, we were finishing up all the jello shots and grant was getting the steaks in the marinade and all of a sudden i got a text that ..someone.. was going to come pick up the grill. um. he had never expressed any interest in taking it until, of course, he learned that i was having people over. i can only assume he wanted to ruin my little shindig.

i let him know i was planning on using it and he was like ‘oh’ and said he’d get it tuesday instead. but it was too late and i was mad. like, really mad. punching walls mad. grant was pissed too, so, because he is a man and men do things like this he decided to go to home depot at 8pm on a saturday night and buy himself a grill so we wouldn’t have to use ..someone..’s. he said i shouldn’t depend on ..someone.. for anything. he’s right. so we bought a grill and eloquently named it spite.

so that is a picture of grant and shane lighting up spite for the first time.

20130515-202826.jpgthis is grant showing us how to play the most relaxing drinking game ever. i believe it was called snappa? snapa? something like that.

20130515-202843.jpgoh, and shane almost killed us all trying to hit the pinata.


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saturday was rachel’s brother’s birthday. being the wonderful sister and epic party planner she is, she rented a brew bus to take us around to some chicago breweries. originally, we were going to go to indiana to go to three floyds… but it ended up being dark lord’s day there and tickets are really hard to come by. was just as fun due to the unbelievably gorgeous weather (although it is back down to 40 today… what is this?), wonderful company, and a whole lot of beer. 20130503-100701.jpg

20130503-100829.jpgthis was at bad apple, one of my top five favorite places in chicago. i am obviously strikingly sober. allagash white is the best and bad apple has it for five bucks.


cheers at revolution. probably my favorite chicago brewery. it was a really great tour, and they do it every saturday at noon. thinking about going back tomorrow. 20130503-100913.jpg


some pictures from the bus. rachel had it extremely stocked with beer. our driver was named jonathon and didn’t even mind when we made him take 1.2 billion pictures.20130503-101025.jpgthis bar, headquarters, opened up a few months ago a few blocks away from me and it is now one of my favorites. this was our end stop. they have a hundreds of old school arcade games to play for FREE and great beer. it’s perfect because then the guys have activities (why do men always need activities?), and the girls could park their asses in chairs and talk and drink. not that i don’t love playing the arcade games, too.

20130503-101146.jpgwatching the bulls game at nick’s. triple overtime. we won. hell yes, chicago.

not pictured:
*allison, jaimie, and i running into atlas brewery to pee. only pee. we were all supposed to go inside and hang out but were having too much fun on the bus.
*tony and i jumping out to pee at his apartment (are you noticing a pattern here? i have a bladder the size of a pea) and him bonging a beer from a second story window.
*texting entirely too much. why do i text so much? i need to work on being in the present with the company i am with, rather than glued to my damn phone. it’s one of my short-term goals.
*fried chicken at clark dogs. i. love. clark. dogs.
*ben blasting dashboard confessional, taking back sunday, and new found glory. instantly transported to high school.