the ashley adventures

it is never too late to choose happiness

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it has been a crazy three weeks over here. lots of airplanes and adventures. three weekends ago, grant texted me at work on thursday and was like “wanna go to michigan tomorrow?” and i was like yes! because my knee jerk reaction to any spontaneous travel is ALWAYS to go for it. and then i was like wait why. and then i was like there has to be a catch.

there was, sorta, but not a bad catch. we were supposed to go to chattanooga over memorial day weekend but, alas, new kids on the block needed grant’s laser skills so the trip wasn’t going to happen. so instead, we went to michigan the weekend before memorial.

we stayed in grand rapids. spent a day hiking, a day biking, and saw a couple breweries and downtown. it was so nice just having free time. not in the city. with nature. and trees. and lots of lara bars and beef jerky.

i would have been so lost without him and his sense of direction.