the ashley adventures

it is never too late to choose happiness

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took a trip to florida after memorial day, and finally got my haircut after 18 months!

i flew in thursday night so i could spend friday with my family, but the real purpose of the trip was to see grant’s bff4e, loren, who was in town from hawaii.




saw my brother, mom, and dad but brooke was in tally. i ordered a beer bigger than my dad’s. we took pictures during the golden hour. it was so great to see them.


saturday, we went out on grant’s boat. he had some sort of wakeboarding crisis where he didn’t have the bindings so he had to wake skate instead. i was still impressed.




on sunday loren’s family had a party for him and his wife, ashley. (yes, grant’s best friend’s wife has the same name as me. great minds think alike). we had such a wonderful time enjoying the sunshine, and i about died watching grant hold a baby.


you just can’t beat florida.


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