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grant and i had people over to my apartment for cinco de mayo. i made a super pinteresty banner and some super pinteresty jello shots. much better than last cinco de mayo which was so uneventful i don’t even remember it. it was probably on par with the cinco de mayo before that when all of my grad school friends and i almost got thrown out of a nice-ish mexican restaurant in andersonville. whoops!20130515-202813.jpggrilling. funny story about this. the night before, we were finishing up all the jello shots and grant was getting the steaks in the marinade and all of a sudden i got a text that ..someone.. was going to come pick up the grill. um. he had never expressed any interest in taking it until, of course, he learned that i was having people over. i can only assume he wanted to ruin my little shindig.

i let him know i was planning on using it and he was like ‘oh’ and said he’d get it tuesday instead. but it was too late and i was mad. like, really mad. punching walls mad. grant was pissed too, so, because he is a man and men do things like this he decided to go to home depot at 8pm on a saturday night and buy himself a grill so we wouldn’t have to use ..someone..’s. he said i shouldn’t depend on ..someone.. for anything. he’s right. so we bought a grill and eloquently named it spite.

so that is a picture of grant and shane lighting up spite for the first time.

20130515-202826.jpgthis is grant showing us how to play the most relaxing drinking game ever. i believe it was called snappa? snapa? something like that.

20130515-202843.jpgoh, and shane almost killed us all trying to hit the pinata.



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